Video Questions

How do I upload my video?
After you select your trophy, go to cart or basket where you can find the upload section. If there is a problem……

Recommended length of video?
To be uploaded to the website, we recommend 20 seconds max. But with the power of social media, after you order, you may send us the video before or after your purchase the trophy. We will confirm that video has been sent and ready.

Where will my video will be stored?
Your video will be stored in Vimeo.  Your videos can only be viewed by you and will have a private page and link which will be password protected.

Where can I find the password for my video?
You can find the password in the confirmation email we send you. Along with your trophy order, you will also receive a card with your password on it.

The password for the video is not working?
Make sure you have copied it correctly, including spaces. It is case sensitive. Any problems, get in touch.

General Questions

How long is delivery?
Due to the personalisation of QR codes, text, and printing, delivery times may take up to 21 working days. Have a look at the delivery information.

Do you deliver overseas?
Yes we do, Please contact us to receive a quote for overseas shipping.

What do I put onto the plaque? 
Depending upcn the size of the plaque it could be 30 or 35 characters.  Typically, three or four columns, including the Achievment, Name and Date. You choose.

eg London Marathon



Can I Bulk order?                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Yes of course, please contact us to discuss more.

Want your video to be shared on Amazing Achiever social Media?
Send us your video on any social media channel and tell us what your video/photo was all about 😊

What is your trophy plaque process?
We use sublimation printing. Have a look at the Amazing Achiever gallery.

QR Code Questions?

Why does my QR Code not Scan?
There may be a number of possible reasons: With the gold coloured plaques, try adjusting the position that you are holding the trophy so there is no light reflecting onto the plaque. With the crystal  Amazing Achiever Trophy, you may have to put a blue or dark colour background behind the trophy to scan. We recommend the presentation box it came with.
Apple users, IOS 11 onwards have a built in QR code reader on the camera. Android users, please download any QR reader app for your QR code to work.

What is a QR Code?
The QR code term stands for ‘Quick Response Code.’ You scan this code with your technology and your Amazing Achiever video will appear. Technology is awesome!

Apologies if we have not answered your question, get in touch at