About Us

Yoel Levy is founder of Amazing Achievers. In 2018 he won a sports entrepreneur competition in his first year at University at UCFB at Wembley. Yoel’s mentor in this venture is Brendan Flood who is Chairman of UCFB, Director or Burnley FC and Orlando City Soccer club.

Amazing Achievers places videos onto trophies: recognising, capturing and rewarding achievements no matter how big or small! It’s a simple approach. When you scan the trophy with your phone, the video appears. Receiving an Amazing Achievers trophy is much more than just receiving a trophy.

Company Ideology

Celebrating achievements has long been recognised as one way to reinforce good practice, acknowledge outstanding effort and mark accomplishments over time. Educators have long recognised the importance of positive reinforcement and leadership by example. Amazing Achievers exists because everyone has the potential to be an Amazing Achiever.

The industrialist John Harvey Jones used a “catch people doing something right” philosophy that encouraged workers to repeat productive behaviours. Amazing Achievers philosophy is “Catch people doing something right EARLY ON.”  Capturing one small achievement at a time. The limitations of what you recognise as an amazing achievement are as unlimited as your imagination.

With an Amazing Achievers award … make the memory last… capture the moment… recognise the actions and behaviour you want… build confidence in others… encourage people by catching them doing things right … EARLY… examples that are as unlimited as your imagination!

Company Vision

Bolstering the valuable efforts of people unrecognised or less well recognised.

In sport and in particular school sports, Amazing Achievers exists to encourage participation, encourage the determination and persistence of those who always give their best even when they don’t win. And yes, it is about recognising outstanding achievements. Overturn discouragement simply because not being very good holds kids back from participating in sport and excelling in other sports or other hobbies, curricular or extra curricular.

In education Amazing Achievers is for people to be recognised as having tried their very best though their very best may not always win. Recognition to those who have had to overcome challenging, often hidden barriers. Everyone achieves something, every day.

An Amazing Achievers trophy is more than a token form of recognition recognising achievement. An Amazing Achievers trophy brings the achievement to life as a permanent reminder of the moment of success.

Receiving an Amazing Achievers Trophy builds confidence, bolsters and nurtures a positive self-image and acts as a powerful reminder of what has been achieved and more importantly what can be achieved in future.